Learn to Juggle: Success Guaranteed

Learn to Juggle: Success Guaranteed

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This book will teach you step-by-step to juggle with three balsl in an amazingly short amount of time. Guaranteed! JONGLORO presents 34 throw and catch exercises. He starts with one ball, then he shows exercises with two balls. You will ultimately be able to jugge with three balls. You will be delighted. Englische Übersetzung der Originalausgabe des REHORULI-Bestsellers "Jonglieren lernen mit Erfolgsgarantie" von Stephan Ehlers.

The REHORULI method is the most successful juggling teaching/learning system for absolute beginners to learn juggling with 3 balls. The book "REHORULI Learn to juggle - Success Guaranteed" contains complete step-by-step instructions with altogether 34 throwing and catching exercises. JONGLORO, the little comic figure shows all exercises using one and two balls which will lead the reader being able to ultimately throw and catch three balls at the end. Many children and adults have already learnt to juggle three balls with the practice-tested successful REHORULI learning method. Stephan Ehlers, the author, is a juggling professional for many year and world-record holder in teaching people how to juggle: in March 2008, 240 participants learnt how to juggle within 33 minutes in Basle/Switzerland. The book offers a money-back guarantee - this means, you can make the purchase without any risk. In case you don't succeed in learning how to juggle - you get your money back...144 pages, 170 illustrations

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